Island Enterprises - How Our Models Are Made

PA - Pattern Preparation - Line Drawings
Line drawings are first scaled then printed out.
MO - Molding
Molding/carving is the stage where aircraft are molded to their desired shape and form.
This is usually aided with line drawings as guide for the molders.
PT - Putty/Primer - Putty Application
After Molding/Carving, Models passes thru putty primer
Items are applied with putty then primered to seal off the wood part.
(PT) - Putty/Primer - Water Sanding
Models are then sanded down with water and sand paper to smoothen off the surface.
This is usually applied at least 3 coats of layer.
(BC) - Base Coat
Once the items are applied with primer and properly smoothen. It will now be applied with
the final color (base coat) afterwards it will be forwarded to Artist.
(AM) - Artist Model
After the basecoat is applied. Models now goes to Artist. The Camo design, tail numbers and base
ID's are first printed on tracing plasic then cut. This will serve as guides and stencils for the artist.
(DE) - Decals
Decals are used to capture the small images and names that the manual brush can no longer
do. This is common on aircraft models, as pilot names and small logos are placed on the
(DT) - Detailing
This is the stage where small antenaes, wires, strings and props are placed. This is a very
detailed stage as small sheets of iron and pins are cut and placed on the model.
(QC) - Quality Control
Quality Control checks the every stage of production, starting in line drawings. As every stage
is completed, all items will pass thru QC. QC will counter check the item againts the order
form before it is transferred to the next section.
(OP) - Overprint/Final Coat
After photo approval, all approved items will be forwarded to final coat.
Below are the different types of final coat:
  • Flat Lacquer
  • Gloss then Poly Coat
  • Semi-Gloss
(PK) - Packing
Once the items are properly dried after the final coat is applied, they now proceed
to packing. Before packaging, website photos are taken first and the items are given
a final check versus the order form. Models with 12" and above are boxed. This is to secure the Model during shipping..