A-6 Intruder Model Custom


Customize and personalize this A-6 Intruder model with your choice of pilot and crew chief names, weapons load out and patch and text on stand. (See order form below)

Length: 14.91"

Scale: 1/44


NOTE: If you have any questions about this model of filling out the order form, please e-mail us at: sales@islandenterprises.net

Myself or one of my team will contact you right away. -Chris Jones

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  • Large
  • Triangular Stand with Flat Bar (Mounted on Fuselage)
  • Standard service. Send my order in 8 to 10 Weeks
Customized Price: $264.95
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Model Type
Miniature [Subtract $150.00]
Weapons/Ordinance Loadout
Weapons/Ordinance Selection [Add $0.00]
Our standard-scale models can be equipped with a full range of ordinance. Please specify weapons/ordinance and station. A list of weapons types is available here. If you would like your model to include ordinance not in this list, please contact us as customization is available.
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Text on base
Carved Text on Base [Add $0.00]
Our standard two-pin stand can have one line of text, with a maximum of 18 characters.

Our triangular stand can accommodate two lines of text, with a maximum of 18 characters each.

Please specify text that you would like placed on the base stand of your model here.
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Standard production timeline is 8 to 10 Weeks plus delivery time of 7 - 9 business days via routine shipping. If you need the order sooner, we also offer a 4 week RUSH delivery, or a 6 week RUSH delivery. The 4 week rush is an additional 35%, and the 6 week rush is an additional 20%. Also shipping for both 4 and 6 week Rush would be priority with a delivery time of 2 – 3 business days.
Standard service. Send my order in 8 to 10 Weeks
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